Helison Production Spa

Helison Production Spa is a joint venture company between LINDE (Germany) and SONATRACH (Algeria), located in Skikda (East of Algeria).

The task of Helison Production is to build, start up and operate a production plant for extracting and liquefying helium, designed by LINDE.

Helium is extracted from the feed gas supplied by the LNG plant nearby, belonging to SONATRACH.
The nominal capacity of the Skikda Plant is 600 mmscft / year of liquid helium (16 millions Nm3 / year).

The production of helium is presently  limited to 300 mmscft / year of liquid helium (8 millions Nm3 / year), consequently to the accident of January 2004. The production capacity of helium shall come back to nominal when the new “LNG train” shall be operational.
The whole production of liquid helium is taken “ex works Skikda” by Helison Marketing.

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