Helison Marketing provides following services to its customers :

  • Reception of all empty containers on
    its platform of Berre / Marseille
  • Inspection, storage and LIN shield filling (if necessary)
    of the containers in Berre
  • Transportation of the containers on the loop:
    Berre – Marseille – Skikda – Marseille – Berre
  • Visual inspection of the containers at each stage of the transportation loop and re-filling of the LIN shield (if necessary).
  • Follow up of all the containers in collaboration with the customers, with the forwarding agent(s) and with Helison Production up to the final destination of the helium. Helison Marketing can rely on a “data base” on internet for this purpose.
  • Planning of the filling slots and departure of the containers in Skikda according to the demand of the customers and in respect with the helium production plan.

All above services are charged to the customers at cost price.

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