Located North-East of Algeria, the “Wilaya” (District) of Skikda covers an area of 4'138 km2 with a population of 804'697 inhabitants, 200'000 of which live in the city of Skikda. The Wilaya can rely on the following economical infrastructure:

  • Several ports, including one commercial and one for hydrocarbons;
  • A petrochemical platform covering an area of 1500 hectares including a gas and oil pipeline terminal, a thermal power plant, a gas liquefaction plant, a petrochemical plant as well as the largest oil refinery of Africa.

With its 130 km of coastline, Skikda is an important gateway to the sea. The fishing activity can rely on the infrastructure of 3 ports. The agriculture covers an area of 19'000 hectares for vegetal and animal production. The main cultivation is market gardening, citrus fruits, olives and strawberry which even has its annual local festival.
The Wilaya of Skikda – with its four dams - has annual water resources of 1'674 Hm3. They offer the Wilaya the opportunity to develop aquaculture and oyster-farming activities.

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