The Company

Helison Marketing Ltd is a joint venture company between LINDE (Germany) and SONATRACH (Algeria) whose Swiss branch is based on the shoreline of the Lake Geneva , close to Lausanne.

Our company purchases all the helium produced by our sister company Helison Production SPA, located in Skikda (Algeria).
Helison Marketing sells 50% of the produced quantity of helium to LINDE and the remaining 50% to any other third gas companies.
In a first step, Helison Marketing sells its helium in bulk, mainly in 11’000 gallons containers.
This helium is delivered “DDU Marseille” to all customers.

  Helison Marketing Ltd - Succursale d'Ecublens VD - Route du Bois 14 - CH-1024 Ecublens
Tel:     021 697 09 01 - Fax:    021 697 09 05 -
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